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There are several ways to get involved with Speculative Technologies.


We are actively funding current and future programs to build big-if-true technologies that won’t happen without us.

Click here for smaller donations or contact for inquiries about larger donations in stock, cash, or crypto.

Program Ideas

We always invite 1-2 page proposals for potential programs that follow these guidelines.

  • Please email proposals to
  • We will acknowledge receipt, though may not provide detailed feedback.
  • We will not share your proposal outside Speculative Technologies without your permission, unless you specify otherwise.
  • But please do not disclose confidential, unfiled IP in your proposal.
  • We are happy to discuss confidential information separately.
Work with us
Open Roles


Field Strategist

Field strategists design a research programs to unlock powerful technology that is too research-y to be a startup but too coordination- or engineering- heavy for a single academic lab. Full job description.


Transition Manager

Transition managers build relationships with people and organizations who should care about the technology that comes out of our programs and help programs create transition strategies. Full job description.

The Right People with the Right Ideas.

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