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Speculative Technologies brings together people from a range of disciplines in academia, tech, policy, and beyond.

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Ben Reinhardt

Ben Reinhardt started Speculative Technologies. In the past he has worked at NASA, Bay Area tech companies and VC firms, started a (failed) startup, and helped people start companies in Singapore. He received a PhD in Space Robotics from Cornell University. Find him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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Program Manager

Chris Wintersinger

Chris leads the Molecular Additive Manufacturing program. He has a PhD from the Wyss Institute and Harvard, where he pushed the limits of DNA Origami Technology. You can find him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Image of Michael Filler, for Speculative Technologies

Program Manager

Michael Filler

Michael leads the Nanomodular Electronics program. He is also an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Georgia Tech where he works on nanoscale materials for electronics, photonics, and energy. He received a PhD in Chemical engineering from Stanford University. You can find him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Image of Kanjun Qiu, for Speculative Technologies

Board of Directors

Kanjun Qiu

Kanjun is the co-founder and CEO of Generally Intelligent — an independent research company developing general-purpose AI agents. Previously, she started and several companies and was an early employee at Dropbox.

Image of Adam Marblestone, for Speculative Technologies

Board of Directors

Adam Marblestone

Adam is the co-founder and CEO of Convergent research — a non-profit that starts and runs Focused Research Organizations. Previously, he has worked on brain-computer interfaces, AI, and biophysics with some of the leading researchers in the field.

Image of Bridget Baumgartner, for Speculative Technologies


Bridget Baumgartner

Bridget is the director of R&D at Revive and Restore, where she runs coordinated research programs to unlock conservation-focused science and technology. Previously, she worked in DARPA’s Biological Technologies Office.

Image of Eli Dourado, for Speculative Technologies


Eli Dourado

Eli is a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Growth and Opportunities where he works on regulation to push forward new technologies. Previously he worked at Boom Aerospace and the Mercatus Center.

Image of Sam Rodriques, for Speculative Technologies


Sam Rodriques

Sam founded and runs the Applied Biotechnology Laboratory at the Francis Crick Institute. He also co-created Focused Research organizations and invented new technologies for Nanofabrication and bio-sensing.

Image of Matt Clifford, for Speculative Technologies


Matt Clifford

Matt is the Chair of ARIA — Britain’s Advanced Research and Innovation Agency. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Entrepreneur First, where he supports technical talent in building companies from scratch.

Image of Sam Arbesman, for Speculative Technologies


Sam Arbesman

Sam is the Scientist-in-Residence at Lux Capital, where he catalyzes ideas that are just on the cusp of possibility. He’s also a widely published writer and a Fellow at both the Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado Boulder the Long Now Foundation.

Image of Jed McCaleb, for Speculative Technologies


Jed McCaleb

Jed is the founder of the Astera Institute. His focus is on accelerating progress, expanding potential, and increasing net happiness. He is also co-founder and Chief Architect of the Stellar Development Foundation, the organization that maintains the open-source Stellar Network.

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